Afterlife Incorporated

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In 2124, Afterlife Incorporated was the leader in an emerging industry of preserving the minds of the deceased within a digital afterlife. Just as the future was brightest, an act of sabotage destroyed this source of immortality. The corporation's downfall was orchestrated by Iris Thorn—a once devoted technician turned unlikely adversary.

Unraveling the saboteur's motives falls to Sydney Vale, a young detective trying to make a name for herself. Vale's journey transcends the mere hunt for clues, delving into the psyche and rationale that drove Iris to her breaking point. Navigating the technological marvels and moral complexities of this advanced society, Vale uncovers far more than the catalyst for the company's collapse.

Her investigation provokes deep reflections on life's essence, the allure of guaranteed eternal existence, and the unforeseen consequences that can come with uninhibited innovation. "Afterlife Incorporated" melds the thrill of a detective story with the speculative intrigue of science fiction, inviting readers into a world where the digital and divine converge.